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Frequently Asked Question’s


KEATOV is a food delivery service, an e-commerce website that allows you to consult and order in a large majority of kosher companies in Toronto.
You create a free customer account on www.keatov.com and then you can consult all Kosher companies listed on the site and see their menus, you place an order, you choose either a pick-up or delivery, you pay by credit card and your order is immediately sent to the restaurant and a driver will pick-up to deliver you as soon as possible.
When you confirm your order, it's automatically sent to our kosher partner. You will receive a confirmation email* with the delivery time. Importantly, the company owner estimates and confirms the delivery time according to the volume of orders received. Deadlines announced on our site (on average 30 to 45 minutes) can exceptionally be a bit longer (restaurant busy and traffic). If the announced delivery time doesn't suit you and doesn't respect the time indicated on the company page, you can contact our support by email at support@keatov.com or by chat on Whatsapp (use the messenger icon on the bottom corner on this page).* It's possible that the email doesn't arrive in your inbox but in your "Spams", don't hesitate to consult them. In order for the email to arrive directly in your inbox, we recommend adding the email address of our customer service to the list of reliable senders of your email service: support@keatov.com.
Our drivers do their most to deliver your order on time. During peak hours, however, your delivery may take a little longer. The weather (rain, snow) or an event (accident etc.) can also cause delays.In addition, some companies use delivery providers, which makes estimation more difficult. However, you can check the expected delivery time in your email and contact us on Whatsapp.
You can enter any changes of ingredients and / or your specific requests in the field "Details for restaurant" that appears at the time of validation of your address. However, if you have allergies, we recommend that you contact the manager in advance to make sure that he / she is able to take your request into account.
To cancel your order, contact us (2 minutes maximum after your order). We will check that the dishes have not been prepared yet and that the cancellation is still possible.If you have paid by credit card, your payment will be canceled. However, if you are charged, you will be refunded within 72 hours. You will also receive a confirmation email from Stripe, our payment center, attesting to this transaction. However, in case of repeated cancellations without justifiable causes, KEATOV reserves the right to no longer transmit your orders to companies. Indeed, the validation of your order generates the use of perishable goods at a cost for our partner companies.
Super happy, not happy at all, just want to give your opinion or make a comment, free to express yourself. We allow you to rate the performance of the company and leave a comment to express your opinion freely! After each order, you have the opportunity to rate the company on the respect of delivery times and the quality of its cuisine. For other aspects (order compliant or not, delivery, report / price quality), you can express yourself in the text comment.It is important to evaluate our partners: these ratings influence the ranking of companies in the search results.


You want your company on KEATOV? Contact us by email on support@keatov.com  
When a customer places an order on our website we inform all the drivers and the first available take the job and it's only then we send you the customer order on a tablet. It also means that we guarantee the payment of the order. It leaves you between 15 and 20 minutes to prepare the order before the driver arrives, however when you receive an order you have few minutes to cancel it without any justificative, the customer will be notified by email that his order has been canceled.